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tv   Today in New York  NBC  November 17, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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right now we're following multiple breaking news stories. gunshots in manhattan. a 21-year-old woman hit. we are live. also breaking now, new information released about the russian plane that crashed in egypt. there's a major fine in the investigation. and this morning, a new threat from isis in the wake of the paris attacks. today in new york starts now. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday morning. it is november 17th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. chris cimino is here. a little chillier than yesterday. >> you didn't notice particularly in the city it's 10 degrees cooler. in the low to mid 40s and a little bit of a breeze. suburbs, on the chilly side. 34 knewburg, sussex. back door front dropped through last night. yesterday's temperatures mid and
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although we see a good deal of sunshine. only 49 at noon. expecting a high today of around 50 degrees. emily west is back for more on this tuesday morning. >> back for more. if you travel out this morning you will find a couple of spots of road work. let's take a look at the holland tunnel where construction there, lane taking out both directions. the outbound lane. the george upper level under the apartments, two lanes blocked. manhattan bound traffic the exit ramp from the bqe still has the off ramp in dealing with road work. more weather and traffic coming up on the 1s. >> emily, thank you. 4:31. we are following breaking news in manhattan. a 21-year-old woman shot in the flat iron district overnight. "today in new york's" tracie strahan has been talking to police. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you.
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officers have just opened up this area where the 21-year-old woman was grazed in the leg. the woman ran into the nomad hotel. she walked past a dispute when gunfire erupted. when the suspect fled she got help from the worker. back to ground level, we can tell you that that 21-year-old who was grazed in the leg is in stable condition at bellevue hospital. police, darlene, don't know how many suspects they are looking for. again, they are on the hunt for what they believe to be a black suv with new york plates. black to you. >> tracie strahan. tracie, thank you. breaking news now on the investigation into last month's russian plane crash in egypt. the kremlin now says traces of explosives have been found in the wreckage.
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russian security officers say investigators did determine a bomb with the equivalent of more than 2 pounds of tnt brought down that plane. 224 people were killed and after being briefed this morning, russian president vladimir putin vowed to find those responsible and to punish them. now to the terror attacks in paris and the new threat to isis. terry barrett is here in the newsroom. >> reporter: absolutely. first i want to give you the latest numbers on some of those overnight raids. french authorities made 128 of them with a total of 300 raids in france since that attack. french police said they made 23 arrests. they seized 31 firearms. this is a nationwide sweep on these respected islamic militants. police officers saying they seized computer hard drives, telephones and illegal drugs. also this morning, the video you mentioned. this video released by isis showing them not only
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their isis operatives in that terrorist attack, but also issuing a new threat against washington, d.c. this reported algerian fighter said in essence that the terror group crusader campaign will do like they did in france. they will aim to strike america at its center, washington, d.c. an update on the airstrike campaign in and around the city. ten planes dropping 16 bombs on the city in raqqa. now in terms of where the investigation is going, the french prime minister said some of the victims from those attacks on friday still have to be identified. that's going to take a little while. also, he says the government has a lot to learn about the attacks that took place outside of the stadium. in fact, they said today perhaps two or three teams of bombers carried out these attacks outside of the stadium. you remember, there was a soccer
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match going on between france and germany. additionally, french authorities say the majority of those who they believe were involved were unknown. there was no previous intelligence on them. finally, the secretary of state john kerry meeting with french president francoise hollande. the terror suspects used video game con suls to cumulative commune communicate communicate. you'll see its communication off the internet using the internet facility but not traceable on the internet. time for weather and traffic. hey, good morning. >> clear skies. on the chilly side. the difference about today is it will stay chilly all day long.
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that's filled with chilly skies sun up to sun down. mid and upper 60s across the area. best we do, low 50s in some spots. that with a little bit of a breeze keeping the chill in the air. 44 degrees and we may lose a few degrees. 49 at noon, 50 at 3:00, that should be the high for the day. emily west in for lauren this morning. >> fast track that wraps up around 5:00 this morning so no a trains between 200 and 7th on to 168th street. here's a live look at the grand central parkway moving nicely near laguardia airport. a check on the new jersey turnpike. that seems to be moving along fine. there is a crash on the turnpike south in the truck lanes. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> 4:36 now.
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a powerful 6.5 magnitude earthquake hit off the coast of lufcata island. there is some damage to some buildings there and one possible death. emergency crews are on their way to try to assess the situation. we'll keep an eye on the developments throughout the morning. this morning police are searching for the attackers caught on camera beating a 56-year-old man with a baseball bat. they chased the victim into an alley in the fordham district in the bronx. one man hit him several times with a bat. a second man walks up. a third man arrives later. if you recognize the men, please call police. a man is in critical condition as police investigate a freak accident that put him in the hospital. the 50-year-old man was hit by a falling branch while riding his motorized bike in red hook's coffee park. an rml construction crew was cutting down a tree at the time. parks department says certain
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safety protocols are supposed to be in place. police are investigating if those protocols were, in fact, followed or if the delivery man ignored them. >> he shouldn't have been able to access this area. that is negligence on behalf of the contractor. >> parks department says that outside tree contractor has been suspended, that particular one, as this investigation continues. police in brooklyn are searching now for the thieves who stabbed a teenager on the subway platform. security cameras spotted the suspect running from the station in east new york last night. police say they attacked and robbed two passengers as they were waiting for the j train at the cleveland street stop. the 21-year-old man was punched. 17-year-old man was stabbed. both victims are in serious but stable condition. 4:38. daily sites like fan duel and draft kings have one more week to operate in new york state. an emergency hearing in state supreme court set for next
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could allow them to keep operating in new york as the legality of the site is examined. right now president obama is in the philippines. he's taking part in the meeting of apec. the president is talking about regional security with our allies. so far he's committing two ships to help the philippines. the president arrived from turkey where he talked terrorism at the g-20 summit. dangerous storms are pummelling texas. funnels are forming in the panhandle there. five tornadoes swept through the area. one tornado estimated to be a mile wide flattened a halliburton plant northeast of amarillo. the plant was closed. there were no injuries reported but there was a chemical leak. snow piling up at oregon's mount hood. some ski resorts getting enough snow to consider opening for the season.
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it's the first accumulation of the fall. drivers though say getting up to those ski resorts could be tricky, even dangerous because of slippery conditions, low temperatures and high winds. it's coming. >> the season for all you skiers. >> wow. wow. >> maybe not too soon. >> 4:39. a very personal announcement charlie sheen is expected to make today. plus, a posthumous award for yogi berra. he's not the only local baseball legend being honored. your weather and traffic coming up. follow us on facebook and twitter and instagram. michaelg4ny, darlene4ny.
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it is 4:42. here are four things to know this morning. breaking news out of russia. the kremlin now says traces of explosives have been found in the wreckage of the russian plane that went down last month in egypt. 224 people were killed. isis releasing a video threat jek an attack on washington, d.c. meanwhile, overseas french police made 23 arrests. they seized 31 firearms in a nationwide sweep on suspected islamist militants. despite news of the new isis threat, president obama said the new u.s. strategy against isis will not change. now president obama is in manila in the philippines. he's taking part in the regional a peck apec summit. the star's high atop the rockefeller christmas tree. they put the swarovski crystal star on top of the 78 foot tall
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the topper weighs 550 pounds, 9 feet in diameter. it's made of up to 25,000 crystals. don't miss the lighting -- don't forget to miss -- no, don't do that. don't miss it. the lighting of the rockefeller tree wednesday, december 2nd, right here on "news 4 new york." >> imagine that? >> thousands turned away by local news anchor. >> don't miss it. >> what he's trying to say, chris cimino. be here. >> remember. remember. >> be here. >> remember to watch it. >> let's not check in with chris now. >> let's do that. we'll do the opposite today, michael. we are dealing with some chillier temperatures. it certainly feels now more like the holiday season. yesterday afternoon was fantastic. 67 in central park and a full day of sunshine. another full day of sunshine today but considerably different with the temperatures. it's 44 now and mostly clear but
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maybe making it to 50, 51 in some spots. sunshine, yes. the clouds increase tomorrow. could be a little drizzle by tomorrow night but the real rain moves in we think later thursday afternoon and thursday night. thursday evening especially could be a soaking rain. could lead to some local street and highway flooding. we'll talk to that. below average temperatures for a change we're talking about today. hasn't said that very often this fall season. 53 is where we normally would be for a high. forecasting a high of 50. just a little bit below normal. 56 in howell, jacksonville. point pleasant a little bit better at 50. coastal connecticut, the same thing. then the hudson valley in the 30s. how about some 20s. 28 up in monticello this morning. everybody under a clear sky. big storm out in the midwest. that was from that nasty line cutting across central texas. a lot of this moisture will gradually work its way northward and eastward. that's what we expect here. between now and then relatively dry.
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high pressure in charge. we'll have that for today and early on tonight. you can see future tracker stays pretty quiet. clouds start to begin to increase overnight tonight towards tomorrow morning. then during the day we'll start to see more and more from cloud cover. notice not much if any rain to worry about through 6:00 tomorrow evening. few sprinkles and drizzle gets going. the real heavy rain, that comes in later thursday. this is 7:00 thursday evening. a line of showers, maybe even isolated thunderstorm embedded in that. heavy downpours. that pushes east of us and we start to clear on out by friday. highs today only around 50 give or take one or two degrees. hempstead, 51. down to the shore point pleasant the same thing with an east northeast thing. chilly night tonight. clouds rolling in late. 43 in the city. upper 30s for the nearby suburbs and low to mid 30s in the most distant suburbs. seven day forecast shows wet day thursday. especially late in the day and at night. 63. mild with that rain and it's breezy. back to sunshine friday.
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55. weekend little chilly. 52. could be a passing shower and gusty wind only in the upper 40s. that's a chilly one and a cold start with a high of 45 on monday with some sunshine. let's find out currently on this tuesday morning. we have a couple of accidents already, chris. first up at the lincoln tunnel on the new york side, heading to new jersey. center tube accident there. that is taking up a lane. also in new jersey on the turnpike south and in the truck lanes a crash at exit 11. garden state parkway. off to the side. still could find some delays. let's take a live look. the l.i.e., that is moving very well. no problems there. now out in smith town on long island, we have a closure from a water main break. jericho turnpike. that is going to be both directions finding that shutdown. fast track for this morning on the a train. no service between in wood 200 and 7th and 168th.
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give that a few moments until that does wrap up. commuter checklist does look great. alternate side of the road rules are coming up. emily, thank you. porsche is responding to a lawsuit by actor paul walker's daughter. his daughter meadow says that the car he was riding in had a defective seat belt, lack of electronic stability control and inadequate side door side bars. porsche said it was misused and it was traveling between 80 to 93 miles an hour when it smashed into a pole and tree. this morning actor charlie sheen will make a very personal announcement on the "today" show. the 50-year-old actor will sit down with matt lauer with an exclusive interview. he won't say exactly what the announcement is, many media outlets including e news will report he is h.i.v. positive.
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eye since his tv show "anger management" was canceled. you can see that on "today" beginning at 7:00 a.m. a health department is offed ring free tuberculosis testing at a bronx school. three people at ps 122 in bronx have the disease. they're all receiving treatment. tuberculosis is infectious but treatable with antibiotics. today first lady michelle obama will give recognition to two after school programs in our area. one of them is rosie's theater kids in manhattan. the other is the rooklyn based center for pedagogy. they're receiving the national arts and humanities youth program. they're being celebrated for the creative way they teach kids and improve their lives. congratulations. late yankee catcher ogi berra is among the 17 people honored with the nation's highest civilian award. he will be given the medal of freedom.
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also being honored baseball great willey mace, film maker steven spielberg and singers james taylor and barbara streisand. shirley chism will be honored posthumously. victor cruz confirmed what many fans have feared. he's not going to play a game this season. cruise had knee surgery last year. he'll now have surgery on his calf. he's missed the last 20 games for the giants. however, he's vowing to fans there will be a comeback. >> tough time for me, tough t e for my family, tough time for all of us because e were so ex ucited about coming back and being a part of somethingul special this year. it's out of my control. ere's certain things that just happen to your body that you n't explain but i'm excited for the next chapter. hope you don't lose faith in me be mcause i haven't lost faith in myself. >> he'll stillurave three years left. he has a $43 million contract with the giants.
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there's some discussion thate maybe they would let him go, sign with another team. we'll have to see. future is kind of uncertain. >> certainly is. we wish him the best. >> wish him the best. urhe's a great guy. 4:50. still to come, the number might surprise you. how many subway riders say they're happy with the service. how many? >> when we'll meet them. what the big problem in a bad place, what happened on board the international space station. don't want that to happen.
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grand central parkway by the l.i.e. 4:53. 're told the astronauts aboard the international space station are safe. they did have an urgent power problem. one of the eight electrical systems short circuited and died. the astronauts were able to reroute some hardware to other power sources. now they have to do a space walk to fix everything and there's stuff that they don't have up there so replacement parts should arrive from earth early next year, but hopefully they'll be able to keep everything going until then. the i.s.s. has been up there for a long time. >> sure. >> some things need fixing and repair. >> the astronauts are soa-- they're so resourceful. >> they are. >> they do everything. >> got to do it themselves. >> kind of handimen. >> very much so. >> d.i.y. >> very talented, obviously. goabod thing. meantime for us, our weather picture this morning is pretty quiet but a little chillier. the most noticeable will be when you step out. yest erday when we had a full day of sun and yesterday ih warms up.
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only near 50 this afternoon. tonight look for clear sky early, clouds late. 43 the overnight low in the city. 30s in the suburbs. weekend weather picture, saturday looks to be the better of the two as clouds increase. we could see showers on sunday and temperatures in the upper 40s. it will feel more like fall again by the weekend. we had a nice one yesterday. >> really nice. >> beautiful. absolutely. all right. emily, lauren's off. nice to see you. >> thank you. cross bronx construction is a slow one this morning from sheridan expressway over to the bronx river parkway. that's the westbound go. it's heavy. both directions going to be slow due to rubber necking. fast track. few more moments on the a train. no service between inwood 207th and 168th street. 4:55 right now. new survey shows fewer commuters in the city are happy with the service they're getting.
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that is down 4 points from last year. only 67% of bus riders rated services satisfactory. that's down three points. complaints include crowded trains and buses and dirty subway stations. and we have a commuter alert for staten island ferry riders. the construction of the empire outlets shopping center and the giant new york wheel will force two more parking lots for the saint george terminal to close. the lot a closed earlier this month. now lots b and c are scheduled to shut down december 9th. five temporary lots will open in their place. one is within walking distance of the ferry and free shuttle service will be provided from the other lots. governor cuomo putting more pressure on federal regulators to shut down the indian point nuclear plant. his aide wrote to the nrc, the nuclear regulatory commission, wy arguing that the atomic generator in west chester county is old and unsafe. he says it poses a threat to new york city. right now licensing hearings are
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underway in terrytown. entergy wants permission to run that plant for another 20 years. new jersey officials approved plans for a bigger bear hunt. this year's hunt will expand in northern new jersey. the state is adding a second bear hunt for october of next year. this year's six day hunt begins december 7th. if you took driver's education you learned what to do during a traffic stop. but a proposed bill in new jersey could add one more item to thattist will. yesterday the senate law and public safety committee approved a measure that requires drivers to turn on their dome light during a traffic stop at night, in bad weather or at the officer's request. officers say the light will make body ka camera video more clear. in connecticut an internal investigation is underway to figure out how nearly $10,000 mysteriously vanished from a police department safe. bridgeport police seized that
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this was back in 2011. authorities only realized that cash was missing last month when prosecutors wanted to use it as evidence in a trial. police say they can't comment on the missing money. an investigation is underway. a very special request by a terminally ill patient will be granted today. tara lee told her doctor she wants to see a horse one last time so the doctors arranged a visit from a miniature therapy horse named magic. this is magic posing with the doctors. now she's specially trained to provide comfort to hospital patients and people who have survived traumatic events. magic will visit terry later today. >> how great. >> magic is a very well-trained horse. potty trained. knows how to be gentle. magic knows how to navigate stairs and escalators. >> wow. great they can do that. coming up on 5:00 a.m. if you're about to head out the door take us with you. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the news 4 app on your mobile device.
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our next hour starts right now. breaking news this morning in the investigation of the plane crash that killed 224 people. investigators just announcing a major find. plus this morning, isis threatening violence in washington as international raids against terror suspects continue. and a delivery man crushed by a giant tree limb. the questions though police are trying to answer about this. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody. 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday, november 17th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm darlene rodriguez. storm team 4's chris cimino. >> hey, guys 106789 degrees cooler in the city. in the north, pretty similar. 33 lagrange. rhinebeck. 42 at long branch. clear sky. range of temperatures chillier north and west, milder near the coast. despite a full day of sunshine like yesterday, it does not warm
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